SMT Nuremberg 2014
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Click here to try out SolderStar's class leading temperature profiling software
Designed to offer professional temperature profiling. It is ideal for small volume or low-complexity PCB manufacturer, or as a secondary system.
A dedicated fixture that allows all key parameters of the wave solder process to be captured in a single pass.Supplied with specialised software that sets the benchmark for today's wave solder profiling.
The fully featured solution for temperature profiling. This package takes profiling capability to the highest level and provides true profiling for optimum quality control.
The SolderStar PRO - VP system allows users of batch and in-line vapour phase soldering systems to fully profile their products in the same way as a conventional reflow machine.
APS 2000 - 100% traceability of the reflow process
SolderStar Showcase their latest Innovative Capability at Productronica Munich Hall A4 booth 145/3
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